You cannot rely on Centrelink

Manfred and Joanne has been running a small restaurant business for the last 10 years. Manfred is the chef and Joanne works as the restaurant manager, they had just renew the lease for the restaurant. Everything was looking good, they just bought their first home 3 years ago and is working hard to pay off […]

So you think you have made it

Robert and Sandy are married with four children between 12 and 18. Robert is 55 years of age and is a company executive earning $350,000 per annum with share options worth 250,000. Nina is a private banker and has a renumeration package of $120,000. All their children attended private schools and they still have a […]

Don’t Let Disability Ruin The Rest Of Your Life

Andrew and Stacey are both 34 years of age. Stacey works part-time as an architect and spending the rest of her time renovating their new home. Andrew is a landscape gardener. They decided to go for a ski trip for their fifth wedding anniversary and sadly Andrew was seriously injured and suffered a spinal […]

Life After Divorce

Anne,a full-time office manager ,is 40 years of age and lives with her daughter Samantha who is 11 years of age. Anne who just went through a divorce had to re-establish her life and manage both work and home. Tragedy strikes when her doctor discovers an advanced lump in Anne’s breast. Further investigation reveals that […]

Young Man with No Dependents and No Ongoing Financial Commitments

John is 28 years of age, he is a self-employed carpenter. He is debt-free and enjoyed life in a rental apartment by the beach. He only has living expenses and entertainment to worry about. When he started to experience persistent back pain, he went to see his doctor who referred him to a specialist. After […]

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