Life After Divorce

Life After Divorce

May 11, 2015
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Anne,a full-time office manager ,is 40 years of age and lives with her daughter Samantha who is 11 years of age.

Anne who just went through a divorce had to re-establish her life and manage both work and home. Tragedy strikes when her doctor discovers an advanced lump in Anne’s breast. Further investigation reveals that the lump is cancerous and Anne will require a mastectomy.

Apart from dealing with the stress of her condition, she also has to ensure that Samantha is cared for, the bills are paid and she can afford to take time off to recuperate after her surgery. Thanks to her foresight and the advice of her financial planner, Anne had in place sufficient income protection cover and trauma cover after her divorce. With the trauma payout she was able to fly her mother form Canada to be with her and Samantha. Her monthly benefit from her income plan means she can continue to pay her mortgage and bills.

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