The Value of Advice

The Value of Advice

173 people lost their lives in the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires. Eighty percent of those people did not have personal protection insurance and of the thirty that had life insurance cover, the average payout was only around $167,000.

How can lives be rebuilt on that kind of money? The families of these people had to rely on others, on charity and on the government to help them out. It is all so unnecessary. If they had received good advice and had the right policies in place, their families would now be better placed financially to start rebuilding their lives. Coping with the loss of someone is hard enough without the burden of worrying how you are going to cope financially.

Most people cannot or will not recognise the impact illness, death or disaster will have on them and their families. More importantly most people don’t know what sort of insurance cover they should have and how much they need to insure for.

As a specialist risk advisor, we can tailor a personal protection plan to suit your needs which can make a real difference when illness, death or disaster strikes.

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